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But surprise, it is! Just outside of Santa Fe, there is Hyde Park Memorial State Park, which is accessed by Hyde Park Rd. This idyllic spot is 8700 feet high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and has fifty sites for camping and picnics. There is also a lodge that is available for use of groups of up to 150 people.

And now to some of the other Hyde Parks around the globe. Probably the most famous Hyde Park neighborhoods are Hyde Park, New York, Hyde Park Chicago and Hyde Park in central London.

Henry VIII & Hyde Park
It was a real estate transaction that got the whole Hyde Park ball rolling way back in 1536 when Henry VIII acquired the manor of Hyde from Westminster Abbey used it as a hunting ground. The park was opened to the public in 1637 by Charles 1st and in 1851 Hyde Park became the site of the first of the great World's Fair exhibitions; the Great Exhibit as it was called was most remembered for the Crystal Palace, an architecturally advanced structure that was a massive greenhouse. In more recent years the park has also been the location for many political demonstrations and notable rock concerts with performances by The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, The Who and Eric Clapton among many.

President Roosevelt & Hyde Park
Sitting graciously on the Hudson Rive between New York City and Albany, Hyde Park, New York home of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and is the site of his Presidential Library and Museum. Nearby is Val-Kil, Eleanor Roosevelt's private retreat that became her home after the death of President Roosevelt and is now the only National Historic Site dedicated to a First Lady. Hyde Park, NY is also the location of the Vanderbilt Mansion, known to be one of finest examples of a country home with its stunning views of the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains.

The Hyde Park Neighborhood of Chicago
The Hyde Park neighborhood on the south side of Chicago is home to not only Jim DesJardins, but President Barack Obama, the University of Chicago, and two previous United States Senators. This neighborhood traces its roots to a man named Paul Cornell who bought 300 acres of land on Lake Michigan's lakefront - just south of what at that time was the south border of Chicago. In 1889, this area was annexed by city of Chicago as the Hyde Park Township. In 1892 John D. Rockefeller helped to start the University of Chicago in Hyde Park and among the many accomplishments of the university is the first sustained nuclear reaction and having more Nobel Prize winners on faculty that any other university in the world. The Columbian Exposition was held there in 1893 and was the site of the first mass display of electrical lighting and the first Ferris Wheel; the Museum of Science and Industry is in the only building that remains from this World’s Fair. The Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago is also known for some spectacular architecture including Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House.

And last but not least, you can find a Hyde Park neighborhood in Austin, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Boise, Boston, Utah, Vermont, Florida and Sydney Australia!