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Photo of Jim DesJardinsYou can get to Albuquerque from Chicago by taking only four roads. That is, unless you go via Bangladesh, the Cape Verde islands and run a few thousand miles in between - and that’s just what Jim has done, with a few pretty tough assignments and goals accomplished along the way.

Jim was born and raised on the south side of Chicago in a neighborhood called Hyde Park, home of the world-renowned University of Chicago, Muhammad Ali, Carl Sandburg and President Obama among other luminaries.

Staying pretty close to home, he earned his degree in Business from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Soon after graduation he was on the cutting edge of computer sales to large corporations like GE and United Airlines. But computer sales just wasn’t personally rewarding or very much fun, so he began working part time as a realtor while renovating two Chicago apartment buildings.

A Passion Found
During this period Jim discovered his true calling: real estate and helping others find just the right home. So in 2000, he became a full-time realtor with Century 21 and remained there until 2005 when he and his wife, Debora (a Nurse Practitioner), heard another calling. They pulled up their roots and moved to Dhaka, Bangladesh where he put his talents to work as a Marketing Consultant for Habitat for Humanity in one of the world’s poorest and most crowded cities, while Debora was a Medical Officer for the Peace Corp.

Then, when his work for Habitat ended, Jim and Debora ventured to the Cape Verde Islands off West Africa, where he served as a Community Liaison Officer for the US Embassy. And today, in keeping with Jim's support of local communities, 2% of all commissions earned by HydePark Realty will be donated to Habitat for Humanity or a charity of your choice.

Still, his passion for the real estate business called, so when they returned to home, Jim and Debora made the move to Albuquerque where Jim has recently opened Hyde Park Realty in Nob Hill.

Simplifying Real Estate

Jim has always felt that the real estate business can be too complicated and too expensive, so the goal of Hyde Park Realty is to streamline the real estate process - creating a new way of buying and selling real estate that is simpler and more cost effective for all involved.